content or display?

how does the content of a portfolio, meaning the actual designs, compare to the presentation of the designs, such as layout and graphics, in terms of importance. where is it weighted the most? or are both equally important?

can you get by with including a poorer project if you can make it look really
“cool”? can you get by with exeptional projects with simple less advanced graphics?

In my experience content was key. I had the graphics and the final images with all the lens flairs too but, the interviewers were really drawn to my sketchbooks. Here’s what I did. I started out interviewing with a portfolio just full of work. Just 11x17 images without much of a layout. I bombed. So I learned that I needed to weed out the weaker stuff from the portfolio and put all my sketches PLUS the weaker stuff in a sketchbook (so the weaker stuff didn’t go to waste). I also improved the layout of the portfolio and made it simple. I didn’t want to distract the interviewers from the work by having an overpowering layout. I did better but, I still wasn’t winning them over. I noticed now that the interviewers were fighting over the one nice sketchbook I had and not really even looking at the portfolio. Hmm. So I refined the portfolio even more and just put the strongest work in there. I had to rework some older images to make them better (since the interviews were over a couple of years). And I made up 3 really nice sketchbooks to go with this portfolio. It worked out great. The interviewers went thru the 3 sketchbooks while I presented the projects with my portfolio. This worked out great for me. Hopefully this helps you too.