Contact Adhesive

G’day all !

I’m new around here and I have a burning question :

How do I prevent Contact Adhesive from hardening

in the tin once it has been opened a few times ?

Thanks for a response. :confused:

I have no clue.

put probably better off posting this question in Materials and processes, or general discussion.

/ +maybe try Home deopt website, i am sure they have a FAQ section.

good luck

Thanks for your reply Digit…I posted that question here because I am into

sandal -making as a hobby and thought that someone in footwear

might have had an answer.

Back in the 70’s while working at the London Shoe Repair in Montreal

they used contact adhesive from gallon tins and it never hardened

in the tins.

Using same now from pint tins the adhesive tends to get hard after a

few openings. My feeling is that some solvent…something…was added

to prevent the hardening.

Thanks again …I’ll post around…Login failed first time.

oh. i saw what you are talking about in china. at the assembly lines- before cementing the uppers. I am not sure i will ask our prodcution team in china. might take a few days but will check it out.

sorry-at first thought u where talking like an elmers- or wood glue

Thanks again Dygit…do have a good day.

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