Consumer products & how they appeal in different culture

I’m a student in the UK, studying industrial design and am doing a research project at the moment into; 'The aesthetic/design qualities of consumer products and how they appeal across different cultures.’ I am looking in particular at mobile phones.

Obviously I have my opinions and have some feedback from questionnaires etc but the more info I get the more conclusive I can be.

I have devised an online survey and would appreciate it if people interested would complete it for me. I will post the results for all to see after the project is complete.

Link to survey;

Would much appreciate it


not at all important =1
quite important=2
very important=4

i thought “quite important” would mean more important than “important”
guess it’s not a universally understood descriptor, or i’m just a stupid american

Maybe we should move this to the interface design forum?


I enjoyed to fill out the survey. I am interested in hearing the results. Does your research include “emotion” as an influential factor?

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