Consumer electronics Show

Hi there I was planning a trip to the CES next January for myself and a small group of fellow ID students but I was told that isn’t open to the general public. I know IDSA has a large meeting there so I wasn’t sure if we may be able to get in through our student chapter perhaps? I spoke to our student chapter president but he was a bit miffed as to who we might contact. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thank you

Maybe try asking HERE on the consumer products board.

You might also try to contact some people from CES 2008 directly for info.

Registration Help
Inside U.S.: (866) 233-7968

Outside U.S.: +1 (301) 694-5243

Press: (703) 907-4365

Exhibitor: (866) 233-7968

Yeah i guess I could have looked that up lol. Thanks for the help.