Consumer Electronics Show

Has anybody here attended the ces in vegas before? I was considering attending next year mainly to make some contacts for future internships/employment ect… Do designers usually attend this event or is it mainly marketing buyer/seller type event?

CES is very important for designers, and I would highly recommend going. Its huge, and you’ll see more than just mobile phones and widescreen TVs there.

The value of the visit is:

  • staying current with ongoing and upcoming styling trends
  • staying current with upcoming technology
  • getting to know who’s who in the consumer electronics world
  • meet up with clients
  • meeting up with design peers (don’t miss the CES IDSA meet n greet)
  • check out the items in the CES Design Awards
  • possible networking and corporate contacts (not easy if you don’t know anyone though).
  • misc entertainment …it’s VEGAS!