'consumer electronics-appliance design' specific portfolio

I am applying for a scholarship to one of world’s biggest names in the consumer electronics-appliance design industry. I have worked on quite a few appliances in the past. I want ideas for that ‘extra mile’ I can go to substantiate my aptitude for the scholarship. Is it a gud idea to have say 500 sketches (of course not numbered 1 through 500) of appliances and gadgets as a separate document.

Second thing is : any approach any one of you would have taken taken, for showcasing your work. A plain white background and sketches and renderings in the foreground is not what suits my style and personality. In fact I have found black as an interesting backgropund. I am looking at some appliance print advertisements for reference. Please suggest me what would be the best way to go about it. (PS I am quite comfortable with innovating on info graphics. I have one month time on my disposal)

Thanks so much.

What I do is have projects, some minor, some major, and then a section for skills, so I just have a few pages of some of my best examples of sketching, some pages showing mock-up models / sketch models, and then rendering (2d and 3d). I find it helps a lot because even though employers are looking for good designers, they are essentially buying (renting?) your skills which compliment your thought process.

As for backgrounds, whatever compliments your work. I find black a little ‘so what’. I don’t always see the point. There is a huge difference between nice sketches and nice designs.

I agree with stepthree, just show your best work. It is better to show 10-50 amazing sketches then 500 duds.

As for layout, you have to find a style that suits you. I have always done a simple white background and let the designs stand alone.

Good luck