consumer electronic design firms - internship

Good Morning!
I’m an Industrial Design student frrom Austria and I’ll have to attend an internship in the next term (starting in September).
My main interests are Hifi equipment (speakers, amps and so on) and other High tech stuff/consumer electronics. I don’t just have the theoretical knowledge of hifi stuff but I do also build these things myself (maybe this could be a rather positive point for my internship application).
Anyway, does anybody know some nice studios that deal with these kind of project?
I’ve already mailed Sony, Panasonic, LG etc. but haven’t got any respond yet. I wouldn’t mind (in fact I would appreciate) working in Japan, USA or whatsoever. I’ve already been browsing the coroflot database, but due to the overwhelming mass of design firms I couldn’t really find some firms that would fit my requirements (except native studios in UK ashcroft design).

Philips HK or Singapore.