Consumer edition of Alias anyone?

Hi folks,

Since graduating a couple of years ago I have realised that one thing I really miss having on my personal laptop was the free student edition of AliasStudiotools (as it was then). I now work in more of an engineering role so have no access to pure ID software in work and would dearly like to get access to it again, purely for personal use (also to start building up a decent portfolio again, still have dreams of designing professionally one day!).
The major sticking point is that I do not have a spare 4grand lying around to purchase the professional edition! Does anyone know if they produce a personal edition for a more agreeable price, a hundred or so bucks maybe? I know I could probably torrent it somewhere, but I’m fairly against piracy and would be more than willing to pay a reasonable sum for the software!

Many thanks


Alias used to have a PLE (personal learning edition) …since Autodesk took over, it doesn’t anymore.

Autodesk still offers the educational versions, just more hidden.

You should be able to sign up for their education site and download it from there.