Consultancy Holiday Cards?

Just wondering how many of you who run a small consultancy (or other) send out holiday cards or gifts to clients or contacts?

I sent out an email card last year and was planning on a physical card this year, but decided against it, given the costs and how (possibly) little effect it might have to gain new clients and that many people are so swamped with holiday stuff and cards that it makes little impact.

Thoughts? Nothing? Digital? Physical? With some sort of gift? Off the rack or custom? Overly complex attention getter? Donation in the name of your studio in lieu of anything?

I’ve seen pretty much everything across the board from email PDFs to custom expensive gifts. Just wondering what you might be doing and what you’d like to get and the impact it would have if you received one as a client or potential client.


I run a small consultancy also… and am in the same boat.
In past years I have sent a physical card. However now that the client list is growing that is getting harder to do. -It is also very time consuming…
I have been thinking of going the digital route this year.
I like the idea of a digital card and a donation in the name of the studio.

I’m doing a physical card this year… I have a small client base so I only did a run of 30 cards.

I was going to get gifts for a few of my best clients… spa gift certificate for one woman, some wine for another guy and a donation to for another guy who I think would appreciate the idea. I really wanted to get something each person would specifically enjoy to show my appreciation for the opportunities they have brought to me, I have had a good year and it wouldn’t have been like that if it were not for these guys.

I am corporate now, but while I was a consultant, I would send custom calendars, designed by myself, instead of a holiday card. The end of the year is a good time to send a calendar, they are very funtional and for the clients who keep it (my guess is over 50%), my name was in front of them for a year. I considered it a good investment especially when clients would tell me that they were looking forward to the new design every year. I still get calls/emails from them disappointed I stopped doing it a year ago.

Thats a good idea. I just got some cool custom wrapping paper from a consultancy for the holidays… pretty good.

My company had custom viewfinders made with highlighted projects we completed over the year. More of a marketing gimmick than holiday card, but neverthless it went over pretty well.

Well I am looking for a blog post about just this thing for you. It was on core77 or design observer over the summer. But it was a write up of these homemade lemon aid drink things someplace makes, and some other place has everybody make custom handmade cards that are sent out for some holiday that is minor. I will continue to look for it and will post it back up here when I do.

Personally I do not like holidays.

The company I work for has just released theirs

It’s a great opportunity to showcase what your agency can do and attract people.

Haha, that was an awesome holidaycard.
But the programing is too good, my keyhack didnt work… sadface
Bild 3.png

wow, that is pretty damn good!

I know its not a consultancy card, but here’s the top of one we did to print and send out to clients…

Thats pretty awesome.

That is very nicely done!

Discovering it made me feel like I was a kid at Christmas again (for a couple of minutes at least!)


Wow, that is a really well-done ecard. We send a few cards and a few gifts to clients that have become more like friends. We also send a lot of Richart chocolates to our clients overseas.