Constructive Opinions Please

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If meaning the posters, I think it is the standard ID buisness model preached about in schools around the world. “Build the better mouse trap and they will buy it.” or AKA, Every body needs, wants, and is willing to pay for design.

i’ll stab first.

obviously just a design firm. but add

  • loose association with overseas manufacturer.
  • non-patentable designs
  • online sales

they provide design. manufacturer is given rights to sell in Asia. but designers get some exclusivity and commission of their sales; maybe Europe and U.S. and maybe even get some product for “samples” which they can sell free and clear.

guessing sales are flat. now they’re hunting clients.

my score (1 - 10)?

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9.725 .250 point deduction for late execution on “Takeing first stab”.

Sorry was caught uo in olimpic moment.

Sounds like an even better analysis of their situation. I just got off the phone with another similar firm, wanting our over flow (what the hell is overflow in this market?). Said they had 2 on-site creatives 1 designer 1 ME, but they are members of a nation wide product development consortium that allows them to offer everything from initial research through to distrobution to retail, including “warehousing the inventory as it comes of the boats from our asian and indonesian based manufacturing partners.” However they claim to offer pattent services for a flat $2,000 with an exclusive development and manufacturing contract.

Is this really the model that ID is switching to? Seams more like a Project Managment or Vendor Managment buisness model than a Design buisness model.

anyone touches my gold medal… i keelya.

the networked group thing is so yesterday. i’m also an engineer. but good luck networking with one. first to ditch ID if they think they can make more money by themselves. been there.

think i know how they’re doing the flat-rate patent. two ways. either selling provisional as a utility (lots of people get ripped off out there). or a sneaky and legit way. considered something that would maybe do the second. too much trouble tho.

old discussion i said same thing about ID becoming a broker. no thanks. i’ll sacrifice a bit to have some fun.

anyone else gonna stab the plan? difficulty factor already down to 9.9 (advance warning)

i have an gets cars out of the ice.i have the invention submition book.its something nobody idea.if intrested let me know.don covkin 70 chase ave. north adams mass.1413 664 after 4 o clock.

The page under Services called “processes” seems like it should be your home page.

The contraceptive reminder product wich links to shopping cart does seem confusing as the first thing a visitor sees once leaving your splash page. perhaps the product thumbnails could be incorporated into the processes page?

The color sceme and titles layouts are very clean. The main points of your services could perhaps be simplified into more cogent points.

Good luck.


Luckily for you, ykh has all this time to spare.

Looked at your offering, little good to say, mostly nothing to say about it because it’s all hollow drivel. Too verbose and convoluted to say in fact exactly what thousands of other similar operations are saying.

Another me-too design shop, hope you have other day jobs, good luck.

ykh, you’re a saint.

it seems like ykh has a hell of a lot of time to spare.

i wonder when he finds time to do any work. :wink:

Aug of LAST year was little slow. thats the consulting life. but when it rains, it pours.