Constructive Opinions Please

We have just launched our Product Design Manufacturing Consultancy

We design our own products, manufacture the, and take them to market.

We also offer a consultancy service based on our experience.

Whilst we are trying to attract consultancy clients, we would welcome constructive feedback regarding our logo, and our website welcome page.

Just like yourselves, we would only appreciate comments from real people. If you give us a comment,please let us know who you are, so that we know which comments to value, and which are random pap.

Best of luck to you all.


Shouldn’t the finance come earlier in the process, say near th front. Or do you intened to do everthing on a back end royalty?

We only want comments from real people. Because you are an unregistered Guest, the value of your comment is zero. If you have anything further, please provide some form of identification we can verify like an e-mail address. At that time we will gladly consider your input.

Best of luck to you all.


Take my suggerstion or ignore it. It really makes no difference to me. I was just suggesting this because you will eventually be contacted by inventors. Seeing the process the way it is laid out now (granted It makes practical sence) they will interperet that you will complete all the work prior to financing with out billing for up front costs. This comes from some years of experianxce and also from providing my time for inventors who are working on medical or educational devices (at a fraction of the normal price).

This is because inventors always want to pay on the back end due to the belief that thier idea is going to make them rich. Just a suggestion from a cyber poster who will remain unnamed because he should be working not surfing…


Thank you. For your time, and your comments.

Let me explain.

1.) The finance sectios entails a cost management system, in which the client is provided with indicators which manage one’s budget. In our own case, our entire budget is centred on “unit cost”, in which certain key factors come into play. So, rather than a stance of payment, it is a part of the service where we build finance into the design package - Something designers are not creditted for.

2.) The reason we ask for names, is becuase it is all too easy to be negative -

What do you think about the welcome page??

Can you advise us on how to find inventors?

Many thanks.

looking at it. dont understand what your really selling. sound like a design firm with manufacturing sources. also sound like an invention service bureau (not good).

i just emailed back a friend at high-tech company. i know they have a digital device/circuit board but not many uses. they use it for a specific application. anyways he was asking about licensing something else i did but was thinking of incorporating this thing. that fell thru. but now i understand what they want. so over the last week i came up with an idea. probably patentable. but i cant talk to them without a patent. and thats probably $10,000 plus. would you pay for that? i doubt it. so what service do you provide someone - an inventor - like me?

Hello ykh,

Thank you for you time and comments. Let me answer your questions:

1.) With regard to paying for patents, thats not our field. In a couple of years when we ourselves have more financial muscle, we will be involved in such things.

Targetting a company which suits the nature of your product idea will give rise to investment in the patent fee, they will own the patent there after. Your best bet is to set-up up a corporation/company, get investment into it, and sell equity (max 30%). This means you get cash and control.

2.) You are right, our website is quite confusing. We are appealing to alot of markets and that is no fault. How we position it is critical.

For business customers, like yourself, Error 404 - Not found is the link we will suggest.

3.) The link (as per point 2.)) really summarises what we do, that can range from researching markets with access to advanced statistical databases, concepts what to take to market, exploring designs; creating visuals which present the concept in 2D/3D which might be used to gain investment; we set-up production, including sourcing globally of components and process technologies, and we create/implement “to market” strategies. All this is based on having/and doing this with our own products.

Examples: An inventor might ask us to research the market for a piece of wireless technology, and summaries the findings with a range of potential uses for the technology. The same technology can be used in so many different applications. They also might ask us to create visualisations of these products, with projected costs of manufacture and unit costs - this, they might use to present to investors in order to secure finance, or gain advanced supply contracts with suggested retailers.

Apologies for the lecture. - Timothy

Your home page makes you look like you are a retailer of products, not nessisaraly a design firm. Personally I understood what you were getting at withthe finance aspect, this is why I said it makes practical sence. However to an uneducated inventor, it looks as I stated above.

YKH is rite in the aspect that you do not want to come off as an “invention submition” firm becuase on general inventors are unwilling to pay what it will cost to develop an idea into an invention, and finally into a product. Many will com to you and expect you to take their ideas (still in there head, or written in words on an envelope or napkin) and get it on the shelves at wal-mart, or since you are in the UK what ever large retailer you have there. “Oh and I am willing to give you .5% - 1% once it is on the shelf.”

I do want to help with constructive ideas, so please answer a few questions first. I have followed ykh and these questions will also allow him to help you out as well.

  1. What is you overall goal or focus for your company? (Sort of a mission statement)

  2. Who do you wish to serve and in what capacity?

My first opinion is that you should have the intro page dump the viewer into a landing page with your company overview, allowing people to see that you both develop your own product as well as provide consulting services. This is because anyone looking for design services will enter you sight and see the e-shopping sight and shopping cart, since their time is limited they leave.

You web site is like a sales call you have 30 seconds to hit the right buttons and ask the right questions of the prospect before they loose interest and leave.

Consider yourself luck, this is a very educated inventor, 95+% would not even know that research is required. Then when you walk them through the development process they become irritated and angry because they “know the market” and no one will tell them differently. Most have the “I know it will make me rich, and anyone who tells me it wont is out to steal it” attitude.

everything you offer minus statistical research i can already do. and have done as a consultant where they own the patent from the start. so again, you sound like a design firm with manufacturing contacts. you have lots of company. if your more than that, you need to do better to explain what makes you unique.

BTW no need to lecture ykh is playing with you, he is very knowlegable in the design process, and is one of the formost portraiers on knowlege, information, and advice on this forum.

playing? that example is real. and the situation sucks. plenty of threads here on patents. i agree with opinion theyre basically worthless… except companies want to know you have one.

Descided to log in for this one.

I assumed you were simply playing with him, as I knew the answer they would give and it was pretty much what I expected. The caned answer we all give, the firm I work for included. Which by the way offers the exact same services, with the addition of a partnership with chinese, vietnamies, and indian based engineering and manufacturing companies. We are the northern midwest broker.

Many firms are now seeing that to complete we have to form these consortums of firms to offer budget minded turn key solutions. The key is to differntiate yourself through accomplishments and first impressions, ie. web page, brochures, sales presentations, etc.


ML: Great point about the instant unique point. Our unique point is our own draw back, in that it is a little confusing, hence asking advice on how our site looks. Contact with global manufacturing processes is even easier these days.

I think the most important thing is asking what someone/company is tryiong to acheive, and then bringing them outside their comfort zone with a host of benefits and values never considered before.

patents stand up for you in court with your lawyer. … your best patent is the threat of “genuis” product development.

ykh: We are different in that we own our own products in the market place. Consultancy is an option for us. I dis agree that a company can be judged, it seems the judging really should be exercised at the point where the consultancy says “i think this is what we can create”, pertinent to the customer. Whjat do you think would be unique in a design consultancy, if you not satisfied with hat you currently find in the market place? What is the theme of your current product idea>?

  1. What is you overall goal or focus for your company? (Sort of a mission statement)

Go direct to the market with innovative products, developed by ourselves. We also want to offer a design consultancy service.

  1. Who do you wish to serve and in what capacity?
    Our own products are for the commercial market, delivered through retail, e-commerce, and internation partnership agreements.

Design consultancy, the clients could be any body - thats the enjoyment of it.

I like your idea about a better explanation for the “client” arriving in the design service portal. Its great.

if by playing you meant i already knew the answer, then yes. but i’m first to admit my sales skills suck, so while i do well with design consulting (based on rep), finding venture capitalists is another game. i’m a techhead. most never appreciate what a salesperson/dealmaker can do until they need to sell/negotiate something. i certainly didnt.

“Go direct to the market with innovative products, developed by ourselves. We also want to offer a design consultancy service.”

So you are just like most design firms. There ar lots of design firms that have seperate businesses for there own products and they offer design consulting to. But that website is really terrible i think about being clear about what you do and for who you do it. Maybe you shuoldn’t be saying you want to help inventers because those are usually people already with a patent who negoetiate a percentage with you to get the ID and marketting and prototype that they can’t afford. The consulting firm also usually presents the final product to companies they know who will license and take care of manufacturing themselfs.

It is a nice website but it pretty much fails at explaining what you arre really about.

Im sure you’re not. If you have passion in something, then that really is contagious, investers catch it. From experience, key things with investers are: impressing them with your knowledge; provide good visuals, make sure what you visualise in future potential and what they visualise are the same; financials are essential, how much in cost and revenue, time scales? factors of adoption? why are people going to buy it? lifecycle extension:

There is so much cash out there. It’s luck, investers don’t have the same eyes, and timing is great. $10,000 isn’t alot really.

no. its not alot (so why arent you doing it when others are?). but that idea is based on their patented technology. its not generic. small difference in risk under those circumstances. they say No Thanks and its over. no options. its not a soup bowl.

another issue is control. vc’s get excited over lots of things (less so since the bubble burst, but coming back from reports). but control over the idea can become an issue. some vc’s will want to take charge. run the show. exert authority. goes with the territory. homey dont play that. there are other ideas. and plenty of lawyers to partner with. finding vc’s is one thing. finding vc’s you want to be involved with is another.

getting back to your site, i think you need to consider some of the comments made. its obvious you really are a design firm. and the products dont even appear patentable, theyre all really simple. so your really chasing style and very simple innovation. also you specify type of engineering prototyping: mechanical. big deal. you really need an EE to round out your services (and should consider a materials specialist). that will go along way to making you a real service since most everything is electronic these days (and i dont mean using the manufacturers canned electronics).

all the best. but take a another look at your site from different eyes.

for a start YOU can register too…will the real Timmy Jackson please step forward…

sorry to see thread die.

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