Considering selling Cintiq Companion

Hey everyone,

I have the 256gb Cintiq Companion that I bought late last year and I’m thinking about selling it or trading it. It was great for when I was in school I could work either at home or in studio but I’ve since graduated. I’m now interning at a company designing power tools and I have my own cintiq 19UX at work. This is my first extended experience using one of the larger Cintiqs and I’m liking it a lot better than my smaller 13 inch Cintiq even though it’s an older 19UX. I think I like the bigger work area and more comfortable drawing position; the Companion is too low to the desk so I have to hunch over more than with the bigger Cintiq. My Companion also spends all of its time in my apt sitting on my desk so I don’t really need the portability any more.

I’m thinking about switching my Cintiq Companion for a bigger 22HD and I was hoping to get some thoughts/opinions from those that have used both.

Also, if you have a 22HD you might want to trade or sell, let me know and we might be able to work something out.

Thanks ahead of time for your comments.