Congratulations Sebastian Vettel

Best damn F1 season I have ever witnessed (even though I have been a Ferrari fan since Niki Lauda raced for them). Unfortunate pit-stop for Alonso, I read the Italian PM is asking for heads to roll in Maranello. Silly politicians. I also enjoyed the no-politics of the Red Bull team.

Oh man great season for sure.

I really wanted to Alonso to do it, he had such a good run in the last half of the season. Vettel finally had luck swing his way though and he was able to execute. If it wasn’t for all his mechanical issues and DNF’s he would have easily been champion, but the other three had their issues too. Those saying Christian horner is a genious though for his team managment and strategy, I duno. If it was not for the pitstop debacle Aloso most likely would have been world champion.

Also Ferrari had the third fastes car, maybe second fastest int he second half of the season while the RB6 was a second a lap faster at some tracks (reminds me of the Audi vs Peugot battles at le mans). With a car that captured poll 15 times during the year, it was amazing it was this close.

Awesome season though, not looking forward to Kers though, just keep the rules for once!

It’s funny because I thought that the WDC (Webber, Alonso) was basically in the hands of Vettel this race, but I forgot about his own championship fate - so the race took on a whole new and nice flavor as the race progressed. Vettel certainly earned it with his performance throughout the year, especially the second half. It stayed close though as he made several mistakes as well.

It’s interesting how the Red Bull brand philosophy toward sport was carried into how the team was managed, especially the drivers being allowed to race.

Good point about brand and Red Bull allowing the racers to race. Ferrari happens to be the opposite. 60+ years of racing is a very long tradition - tradition about the team and not the driver. It makes sense for them to order Massa to let Alonso win in Germany(?) It was best for the team.