A quick question to settle an argument.

An embossed logo sticks in or out?

debossed is out or in?

so confusing



Embossed = Up / proud
Debossed = Down / inset


This may change from company to company…
so as long as the development/factory understands what you’re saying… it’s fine
but there’s no embossed or debossed logo… or better
there’s an embossed area ( the area that you press down )
so you can choose to press the logo or the area aroud the logo.
the use of the word embossed is wrong but it became a rule which gaygaruda
properly confirmed.

Working with the Orient has taught me to use drawings instead of words, which are confusing. One engineering drawing is worth a thousand misinterpreted words.

Use a section view when in doubt.

Or to put it this way…

debossed: before tooling

embossed: steelsafe change.

How confident are you about that logo size?

I just use raised and recessed these days to avoid the confusion.


emboss is the way to name a raised final effect in the designer and mkt prospective.

but debossed in the mold maker side, this is where the confusion occurs most of the time.

Back to what the moderator says, the mark raised or recess leaves no doubts at all, i sign that idea.

as well small section drawing erase all confusions would i add.

a good day all

thanks for adding more info to this.
we would all like to have your feedback also on some “more” design topics… like feedbacks to young designers work.
you know how important would that be for them :wink: