Confusion on our project...


Our first post like this, so thanks in advance for even reading. Have been around this forum and have found real data.

We are attempting to build a prototype based off our soon-to-be patent (NOA stage). The device is a protective piece to be used in sports. The materials range from:

–Closed-cell impact foam
–Resilient fabric- Can’t rip (possibly kevlar woven)
–Moisture wicking fabric (close to skin)
–Low-density polyethylene
–Durable urethane or silicone (~ 3/16" thick)

As two guys with day jobs and no LLC, holding no degree in this, we know we need a good technician. If anyone knows anything about these materials or knows any individual or company capable of working with these materials, it would be really helpful. We have drawings, crude protos and models, but nothing near a final prototype nor perfect material selections. Even any info on things to look for in a maker would be great

Thanks so much.


You might have better luck over here:

Thanks Nurb