Confusing credit

ORAL-B CrossAction toothbrush – who did what? Two design firms take ambiguous credit, both have received design awards for the brush?



I agree this is strange, but I’ve seen it before. Take the $100 laptop for example; my understanding is that Design Continuum did a lot of the up front work on it, and then Mr. Béhar and the fuseproject worked on it toward the end. Both take credit for working on it, although I’m not sure how drastic the changes where once Yves took over.

Again, I really don’t understand what situation would come up where a client would take a project from one firm and go to another without the end results being very different than the beginning design. Sometimes it’s very small changes, like a radius, materials, finishes, etc.

P.S. How’s everything in NJ? I grew up down the street in Mahwah.

gotta read the fine print…

“Metaphase’s team of experts conducted perception and usability research in more than 70 consumer’s homes across the United States. We provided ORAL-B’s design team with ergonomic and design guidelines that prescribed optimal product form, geometry and visual qualities. The result has been…”

My guess would be that one firm did a research project that sat around for awhile, some new guy came in and said “hey we should do something with that” they then hired the second firm to design the product… just a thought, who knows what could have gone down.


that is very fiesable, often companies cut projects during the end of the research phase or even just the initial design phase due to the lack of cash or changing market requirements or just that markets are not ready.

Then it gets re-started when a new manager takes over or when fresh budget gets injected.