cOnfused about schools

i got accpeted into both U of T and U of A , however U of A have a design program while U of T doesn’t. I was wondering if it would be too late if i did 4 yrs at U of T getting a dgree and THEN go a Product design course in universitys like pratt or art center?

so spend 4 years at u of t doing what??? if you want to go to design school do it right away. did you apply to carleton? ocad?

also, you could get a ID desgree at carleton or UofA for 5k a year tuition. going back to do PD at pratt or AC woudl cost 5x that…

im going to U of T to take history as a bachelor because history has always been a passion of mine but I also wanted to go take a course in Product design and Transportation design. Therefore I applied to both U of A and U of T. I was planning to go to UT to take history for a year or two? If I liked it I would continue taking it, if not I would go to an school like Art Center, Pratts, or Coventry etc… But i was wondering if it would be kind of late and pointless changing schools and majors like that so I came here and asked for some suggestions :blush:

I would pause and take a second to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, seriously. Do you want to be a history teacher? A designer? A Professor? From there back track and figure out where to go to school instead of wasting your time and money!