Confidential projects in a portfolio?


I graduated 3 years ago and have been working designing consumer products. I have been working on one particular project for the last 2 1/2 years of that time.

My problem is I am looking for a new job and due to the fact that the product is not yet on the market (and won’t be for another year), I am unable to use any of the work in my portfolio. The product is a first for the company and I know that it can prove that I am a more than capable designer but I am unable to prove any of it. I have a University/Internship portfolio but it does not show the same level of experience/responsibility

As I am not sure what other people have experienced of this, my questions are:

Is there a way of proving experience in a different way?
Surely this is not unusual but do employers take this into consideration?
Has anyone been in this situation who has some advice?

Thanks and any advice would be great! :slight_smile:

It is a pretty typical situation.

Obviously you can not show the work publicly in a portfolio unless you want to be fired and get a reputation that you can’t be trusted.

Your best bet is to do some concept work that shows the skills you have developed.

Your best bet, if this will be a big product, is to just wait until it comes out. If you leave now, the company will credit someone else with the design. That happens all the time. Once it is public, you will have the most leverage in securing the best position with the best pay.

Is there a reason you need to leave the company now?