Conferences & trade show

Where do I.D. people go to find technology (specifically manufacturing techology, molding & extrusion, etc.) to recommend to their clients? Trade shows, conferences? Do you guys have a major technology show that you attend to learn about manufacturing techology or only via the internet? It seems that many I.D. firms recommend injection molders and extruders. Any feedback would be most appreciated.

I get a lot through clients and past jobs. Then those people move around and I learn about others.

My workplace is the the ‘client’, so to speak. My knowledge based has partly built up from a mix of:
-Random tech itches and work and personal personal projects, have me diving into all sorts of the internet rabbit holes.
-Core77 and other sites I regularly go to, though none are truly tech/manufacturing centered.
-Work projects with outside partners and tech oriented events held at my work.
-Living in Boston, as member of Artisan’s Asylum, working at the Museum of Science, and having various geeky friends, the air around me is somewhat infused with tech and manufacturing ‘stuff’.
-This trade show

I ask a lot of friends and friends ask me as well. A friend was looking for a silicone molder. I didn’t know any but knew several designers in the kitchen housewares space, so asked them for him. I had a client that needed a sock manufacturer, so I reached out to a bunch of designer contacts I have in that space… and so on.