Conferences/Courses to Specialize/Increase Skills

:confused: If you had time to take a course or attend a conference to increase your value or specialize in something different from your colleagues, what would you take? Most IDers take somewhat of the same courses while in school. What can set me apart now? (For example, taking specific color courses to become the specialist in the office of that area.)

Would it be color specialization?
Knowing how to use multimedia for presentations?
Becoming more of a web guru?
Focusing on a certain technology?

I am an Industrial Designer that would like to help my department in a corporate company increase knowledge in areas that others may not know. Everyone has their specializations, and talents, and I would like to increase those to add value to myself. Suggestions? Ideas? If you have specific course or conference information, that would be great.


Apparently no one wants to better themselves…

How about becoming an expert in performing and organizing research?

That would be really helpful in my case, and most likely in others, especially if there is a lot of research to be performed. Are there special books, or classes to take on such? Have you taken anything in research?

I think there are a few options for you… There are always courses for project management, and time whatevers, or materials conventions. I think some of these things can be great, average, lame, and/ or pricey $$$.

If you have a team that you identify different talents in different people- maybe offering time to discuss peoples ideas, skills, wishes- collectively. Maybe trying to help people teach and pass on knowledge to others. There a slew of emotions involved here, but great managers can help foster others to do well and succeed in environments outside their normal comfort box.

good business empower their people to do great things, think together and collectively. Sometimes harnessing the opinions of people can help.

Just some thoughts- hope it helps.

Hey pinkygrl02 I am also in Maryland and always looking for a way to build some new skills. Have you checked out the IDSA chapter in this area?

I’m thinking about taking a class in Flash animation. I think it would be a nice addition to my designer toolbox. Better presentations and web sites. Technology is moving pretty fast and I don’t want to get lapped…