Conference Workshop - What keeps you up at night?

Are you going to the Core77 Conference?

I’m hosting a workshop (called How to Future Proof Your Next Idea) where participants will create a range of scenarios for the future of the design industry. I’d like some input from designers before the workshop. If you’re attending the event or even if you just want to help, will you answer these two questions?

  1. Based your career and experiences, what things are certain to impact and shape the design discipline over the next 5 years?

  2. What things are uncertain about the design discipline over the next 5 years? When you think about design, what keeps you up at night?

100 views but no takers :frowning:

The discussion about this topic will continue at the conference, and eventually be put into a “recap” document that people can download from Core77’s site. We’ll credit all of the contributors in the document, including anyone on this discussion.

And if you want to share more privately, you can submit to this survey: Core77 Conference Survey