conetmporary african art in interior design

Hi everyone…
I’m looking for interior design firms who would be interested in contemporary African art. anyone know of any? I represent a few artists including one from Senegal named Ibou Ndoye who paints predominately on glass in a sort of renovated version of a traditional style. A creative and colorful designer with a flare for the ethnic would be delighted to incorporate his work. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone who wants to see recent pics of the artist’s work, feel free to email me. We are currently based in NJ and exhibit around NJ, NY, and PA.


why you dont show it out? im like to see some stranger thing,i think that will be such excellent for our habit thinkings,
what you think?

I’d love to post some images (if that’s what you meant…i’m not 100%sure…), but our website is not updated at the moment- all of the work on it has either already been sold, or is not in the USA right now. The artist’s style has changed a bit in the last year, so it’s unfortunately not a very good representation of his current work. Not to mention an unupdated resume and events listing… Hopefully the site will be updated by November. In the meantime, feel free to view it- though, I’d prefer to share recent images, being the reason I offered to send pics through email.

If any are interested, Ibou Ndoye currently has a show hanging at Newark Academy in Livingston, NJ. It will be up until 10/28. Directions can be found on their site- The next exhibit we have will be in Paterson, NJ for black history month (February), and then in Brooklyn for April.

Nice stuff, too bad it looks so much like a ripoff of Jean Dubuffet’s work, famous latter 20th century French artist who looked to children and the insane for inspiration.

And you thought we’re all ignorant dupes, right?

well, maybe you should email the artist directly with that statement… and perhaps you should learn a little more before you make such judgments. nothing in any of my posts indicated that i thought any of you were ignorant… though the fact that you felt the need to write that makes me raise an eyebrow about the types of people around here…

for you information, the artist lived in west africa until 4 years ago and has had no formal education. i’m positive that he is not familiar with Mr. Dubuffet’s work… and as I said in the previous posting, his current work is much different from what is on the site. Mr. Ndoye has been recognized by multiple prominent art collectors, museums, and educational institutions for his work, so Mr./Ms. “Anonymous” (who is apparently too afraid to reveal his/her identity…), I value their opinions over yours… but thanks for your comments. I will deliver them to the artist if you do not.

You’ve done your research and know what sells. The artists you represent may well be ignorant of Western art history but you likely are not. It also helps when you get such works at the bargain prices artists from poor countries ask. Now, do your artists also “do” Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and other such “styles”? Unknowingly, of course, to you, them and these other “museums”.

I’m learned enough in the arts to know a crook when I see one, not to mention several lumped together.

And by the way, you’re wasting your time with this stuff on a product design forum, find some flaky interior decorators for whatever you think is “art”.

…or perhaps one might say, YOU are wasting your time responding if you are that offended by the art I represent! Our prices are comparable to prices found in the markets we sell in- If we sell in SOHO our prices are higher than if we sell in Central NJ. This is normal. I do not purchase art from artists- I represent artists… meaning, that if they sell (at a price we have decided on together), I take a commission. No one is exploited. My artists all reside in the USA. We are not dealing with a difference in cost of living- we all reside in the same country and use the same money. Where someone is from is of no consequence.

If you do not have an appreciation for “ethnic” art, and think that only the art of Europe is of value, then perhaps your knowledge of the broader spectrum of art is rather limited. Sometimes, the more schooled one is on a subject, the less they can think on their own. It is no surprise that most of what is taught in text books is derived from white Europe- however, as this world we live in becomes increasingly more and more mixed, and cultures are blended, you may have no choice but to look outside the white box. Or perhaps, you yourself are of color and are in denial. You have continued to hide your identity…


i appreciate your contributions and the work of the artist you represent. thanks for posting and continue posting what you think is relevant, despite the disguntled forum police who seem – but hardly seem— to know it all (as if picasso and his crew didn’t “borrow” from african art). finally someone with interests outside of the usual. the design world is DWBT –
disinterested white boy territory-- so be persistent and promote what you want and what you believe in.

thanks for the encouragement and support! :wink: