"Conduit Group" ...bogus?

Just curious to see everyones thoughts on the “Conduit Group” out of NYC…specifically…are they real, is Ray a flake?

I know they had a great first collection but I’ve heard some rumors about this last competition and I was curious to see if Conduit is a reputable business/organization…

Shame to Ray…Shame on him…
Hate to bash him like this, but it should be like
this for the long life of ID.
He totally takes advantage of young ID students
for paying $0 for his internship, and he even
advertise as if he pays for them.
You should look what he really does in his
Manhattan Storage Room there. He abuses
art students like slaves and he kicks them out
as garbage. At the end, it will come back to him.
Like this one.

Wait, I missed something. What are you guys talking about?