Concerns about entering ACCD

Hi, I’m a little late in the game to start off this whole ID thing, (27 years old, with a college degree and working full time) but feel passionate about design and have my heart set on going back to school, mainly ACCD. In the past year and a half I have been taking this very seriously, taking classes at ACCD’s night program and the local community college PCC which has become the “unofficial” transfer program to Art Center. I already generated some portfolio pieces and have been working closely with one teacher in particular to get on the right track. However, since i haven’t been drawing since out of the womb (like a lot of other designers) I feel behind on my skills for Art Center’s standards. I know I have improved since starting this process but my question goes out to Art center students and alumni (or anyone in general about their application experience): how developed were your skills before applying into art center ? In terms of entering portfolios I only see the"superstar" kids, the amazingly talented students that get scholarships. But what about the rest of the student body? I got into CCA’s industrial design program but I know I have a long way to go for Art Center. I guess I’m just trying not get frustrated about the daunting level of skill requierd just to enter the program and am wondering if anyone can give some insight. (Sorry for the long post).


sorry…i tried to post a while ago and it didn’t work…

anyway…here are my thoughts. get as good as you can before you enter. You get one chance to go through ACCD and to fully take advantage of all the great instructors and classes you don’t want to be struggling with your vis com. at least have a solid understanding of freehand perspective drawing, basic markers and chalk, photoshop etc. The better you are the better your chances at scholarship, internships and easier your load will be. If it takes you an extra term or two at PCC or ACAN just suck it up and do it. Its cheap and will save you a lot of pain in the day program.