concepts on a waiting portfolio

This is my online porfolio
Any comments are welcome

Athens Greece

yannis i think your site is pretty good! I would like to see some more work of you! I 'm from Greece to!I have just finished my studies in Industrial Design and i am also interesting to construct an online portofolio.

fadazomai tha exeis spoudasei sto exwteriko. meneis stin athina?
an nai mporoume na ta poume kapoia stigmi

na pernas kala


Please yannis write in english this is an international forum.

I studied industrial design in kozani. I’m interesting most in furniture design. Maybe i can send some of my work by mail so you tell me your opinion about my work!Where are you from Athens. I live in Nikaia. cu!!

i live in the center of athens
it is better from now and on to use my e-mail address.


Beautiful clean designs. The problem: With the exception of the waffle bowl they are pretty much unmanufacturable except as low volume art objects.

Imagine the bend series as flat patterns. If you can find a clean way to make them from multiple pieces and join them, you will have a design that I could see in someones home.


Brian thank you very much for your message

Everything you write is very true, when i designed the bent series i didn’t have in mind mass production (the side table though i think it could be manufactured), and for the moment i don’t have the experience and the knowledge of the methods of production,i hope the school to help me on this. Anyway even the option of a limited edition seems very atractive to me since there is someone interested in this. For the moment everything is concepts in a waiting list…

p.s exept the wafle fruit container i made some copies in resin recenlty :wink: