Concept Sketching

Some concept sketches of my latest project - motorbike design :


@iD3 Ltd

Hot boards mate.

Remove that white outline. As for the rest, good.

Agree with removing the white “block in” areas.

In addition, watch your ellipses, they are just a little off in relation to the VP’s.

Nice sketches.
showing detail, as you do, is good.

But as in shoes. proportion doe matter.
Wheel size , tire size, wheel base and seat hight is some thing all motorcycle riders have a feel for. Get this right (closer to real) makes the drawings better to judge.
I use a lot of underlay as a guide for wheel position and proportion.

In motorcycle design not only body work matters. All parts matter.
Parts that designers also work on are wheels, swing arm,frame engine covers…
Things like frontforks are normally bought in. Hinting these parts with some lines gives the bike direction (custom, race, tourer…)


I can see lot of detailed out areas …nice explorations…
but not complete bike…