Concept for KG please critices.

the textures you have placed on the rendering do not help much, it also would be good to get the proportions right, check yo’s tutorial or even trace over an image of a shoe to nail it down. looks like you have really put some thought to what you want to do with the design, it is just a matter of communicating that intent to others…

I am unclear where you are getting your inspirations. It might be helpful to have thumbnails of your inspirations along with your sketches.

along with inspiration for the lines for the shoe, what is inspiring the color and materials? With simple, luxury items many times it’s the materials that tell the story. I see this as a possible option for your design.

why nike? do you think nike and rolex or omega would partner? if they did would they create a basketball shoe and if they did why? I think you can find a brand beyond nike that could carry the theme with more authenticity (if nike, maybe its Cole Haan)

also would be interested in seeing other views and agree with Jbro on the proportions. I think once you have them closer to reality it will make your design communicate stronger.

be easy


Yeah proportions do need work, thanx for the pointer. NIke because Roger Federer is a spokesman for Rolex and Nike as well. It would be a tennis shoe, with the lateral side high cut for maximum ankle support. The thumbnails are a good idea. Inspiration, the colourway, the hood is bright on the Rolls Royce and the rest is dark. Kinda like the toebox on the shoe. The little blue spot on the booty is simular to the RandR’s seats. The strap is supposed to resemble a watches strap. The communication does need work, maybe an analyzing pic of the side would be helpful.The materials, my photoshop is pretty wack, just going to take some lessons. And the colourway was a wrong pic, I got a pointer that they don’t make blue watches should’ve made it grey or somethin. Thanx for the pointer I’ll keep workin. And anyone else please critic what else is bad! I’d be curious what Yo thinks, so please!

not here to point out what is “bad” just trying make helpful suggestions.

your making the right steps to get better.


I would say it looks like you have a lot of nice ideas. I’m not sure what level you are (are you a high school student, and adult amateur…) but wherever you are I would not woryr about photoshop…

Concentrate on drawing first. All other advanced skills stem from that. Build a foundation of drawing your ideas accurately and clearly. Focus in on proportions, lineweight, form. Study things around you and get a feel for the way things naturally are… sketch everyday…

On the concept itself, you have a lot going on. Nike, Rolex, Roger Federer, Rolls Royce… Simplify your ideas down. Keep it a focused story and show how it leads into the product. The assignment was a Rolex or Omega branded shoe. Dig into their history and bring that out. Remember, you can use some of those other ideas on another design :wink:

Keep it up! The easiest way to improve it to do it every day. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanx for the feedback, I’m only in grade nine. I’ll try to work on my sketching as much as possible. Thanks again!!! Oh and what do you mean by lineweight?? How do I improve that?

For grade 9 you are doing very, very well. Keep drawing all the time and you will naturally improve. I also was drawing at your age. It takes a lot of courage to post up your work. By seeking feedback, you will get better faster. It sounds like you have the right attitude.

Lineweight is the thick to thin/ light to dark lines you can see in a lot of very good sketches. If you draw a straight line, by altering the pressure, you should be able to vary the lineweight.

Take a look at this little doodle, notice how some lines are very thick and heavy, and others are light and thin, and others taper from thick to thin…


which is the age for grade 9? sorry we have another system.

i started at age 12-13 drawing max and mizuno´s,don´t hesistage


Grade nine is inbetween 14 and 15 years old, it changes. I’m 15, started “designing” at least tryin to about a year ago. But loved to draw all my life. Did graffitti’s, still do (do you guys think that improves drawing skills?) and have drawn since about the age og 8…