Concept Coke can splits in two for sharing

That’s dumb. It’s not one can you can split. It’s two cans attached. You can’t drink it as one can (unless I’m missing something). If you could have it as one (opening the top somehow opens the bottom and a seal between the two) it would be cool. Otherwise, lame.



I was also disappointed when I saw the clip earlier today. It seems gimmicky and impractical.

I dont think it’s meant to be practical or a real consumer product. Seems more like their usual sharing happiness stunts. In which case, COOL.

Dumb. Come on Coke… Your’re better than this.

Sorry y’all, this is good. And half the calories as a regular can of Coke.

Sorry y’all, this is good. And half the calories as a regular can of Coke.

It’s even better than that! It’s 1/4 the calories of a regular can of Coke; you are sharing one half, of a half, of a Coke… . .

Boy, would I be pissed if I was buying a Coke for myself and only got a half full can.

But on the upside, buying the world a coke just became half as expensive. Although maybe not in 1971 dollars. :slight_smile:

I find these projects very interesting because they’re primarily there for the purposes of enhancing the reputation of the brand. It’s very hard to bring packaging innovations to market. But, it’s a lot easier to publicize smaller explorations. Heineken has been doing this for a few years now with great success and now Coca Cola.

They really can’t change the product and commercializing innovations are very complex and often slow to market. Do you guys think most consumers will percieve them as a more innovative company with these projects?

I’d agree with this. It’s much like their slim vending machine a few weeks ago.

Sometimes you just have to take off your design goggles and just enjoy the product. I dont know if the consumer will find cocacola to be more innovative through this stunt, but im sure theyll have a smile on their face.

We’ve been tracking how CPG’s communicate innovation to the consumer and there is a cascading effect on commercialized goods as well as the brand from these “halo” non-commercialized explorations. Heineken does this as well.

What is the point of this other than risk getting a cut from the upper half?

Conceptually, it represents the brand’s key mantra of sharing happiness. It’s a brand building exploration that increases the awareness for the consumer.

It’s a brand building exploration that increases the awareness for the consumer.

Viewed from in another genre, it’s a “concept car” … we’re doing it because we like it, and we think you will too.

Ogilvy Argentina created this massive Coke machine called “Machine of Friendship” for Argentinian Friendship Day, held on July 20th. Due to its height, the only way to put money in the machine was with the help of a friend. Once the teamwork was complete, you would both be rewarded by receiving two Cokes for the price of one. That is unless of course you happen to be a dude like > Robert Wadlow> , in which case you would receive two Cokes for yourself, following your initial reaction of “F*ckin’ A… FINALLY!” - See more at: > Homepage - That's Nerdalicious

Ogilvy Argentina also was the agency responsible for the “Sharing Can”

This reminded me of the toilets at the cinema I went to yesterday, which have low urinals for the next generation but the flush button was above my head height even on the low ones. I think it was at about 2 metres. Should have got a pic.

Maybe their design intent was to get your friend to help you flush.

I do not know if the campaign is also in other countries, but the cans with someone name on it is doing very well over here in The Netherlands. I hear a lot of people talking about it and buying them for other people if they see their name on it.

  1. Anything that might get people to drink less sugar water is good. I lost a ton of weight after stopping drinking soda…and not changing much else.

  2. What is up with ads selling happiness. This is even more stupid than ads selling sex. I’m dead inside. I won’t be happy after drinking anything.

[quote="Mr-914"I’m dead inside. I won’t be happy after drinking anything.[/quote]

Ha! I just spit out my sugar water!