Concept Artist looking for tips

Hi! I’m teaching myself concept art, and thus I want to make sure I have a thorough understanding of industrial design. I was hoping people might direct me to resources. :slight_smile:

I don’t have anything on industrial design right now, so if, in your industry, there are a couple books known as being key books on the subject, I would love to hear about them. Any good, key websites would be great, too. :slight_smile: Thanks for any answers I get!

Hi Arahmynta,

I am not sure if there any key books, because there are so many books and so many directions. I can give you two websites that give an overview of a couple of good books about ID:

Learning curves and design sketching are both excellent books, and probably one or the other is found in most Industrial Designer’s personal libraries. Home - Sketching technique books for designers

Sorry for the slow response! Thank you so much you two, I will look into the resources you posted. :slight_smile: