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Hey folks,

Does anyone have any examples of non-compete agreements that they can share with the group? I am interested in the language used as far as what’s covered by the agreement. Same of the questions I’m interested in are:

In your firm, are employees allowed to do work on the side (i.e., freelance) on projects outside of the company?

What are the limitations (beyond working for competitors or diverting clients from the firm)?

What restrctions (othere than those covered by your non-disclosure agreement) have you placed on your employees as far as controlling what they can do after hours as well as what happens if they leave the firm?

The scenario I have heard about is where emplyees leave their current company and take clients with them to start up a shop down the street. Obviously, in addition to being highly unethical, can an agreement make it actionable? (Can the employer sue that employee?)

What about other “on the side” work? If you have a family member or friend that wants you design something for them (say, an idea for a product), should you be prevented from doing so because of where you work during the day?

What’s reasonable? What’s legal? Any thoughts?



better to research yourself. this site wont give best answers. there are legal sites online that answer this. sorry. dont have links.

Nolo Press is a great resource.

Check out Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia | Nolo