Computers for school

I’m entering college this fall and am planning to major in Industrial Design. I’m shopping for a lap top, but I am not quite sure as to what requirements (ie RAM CPU etc) I need. What do I need to look for when I am shopping around? What are the minimum requirements to run programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator simultaneously without any hastle? Oh, and is a Mac required/preferred? Mr friend was telling me how unless if you’re not going to major in graphic design, a PC lap top would be fine. Can you guys help me out? Thank you.

You should check with your school, but I know a few programs issue student versions of 3d software that only runs on a PC or a new intel chipped Mac…

wait if you can of if its not too late, and get a laptop (macbook or pc) with the intel core duo II. It will be very nice. Also a lot of my class mates have gotten macbooks and macbook pros, the normal one is all you really need, take the saved money and get a bigger HD or ram or something. They run solidworks just as well as any nice pc laptop. Most everybody else in studio has or is getting a Tablet PC witch work well but I lean to the Wacom tablet (cintique (SP) it tight, but is also $2500 so…)

I’d say the same as above, but get a Macbook Pro. The 15" model runs Solidworks really nicely until you get into huge assemblies (1000+ parts), and at that point most of your classmates’ PC notebooks will be choking as well. Standard Macbooks don’t have the necessary graphics card power to run some of the real-time things.

I have a G5 and a Windows laptop, because I had to buy a computer that could run Solidworks a few months before the new Macbook Pros came out. If I had been able to wait a little longer, I’d have stuck with the MBP…the system is stable, the case is stunning, and, after all, you gotta keep up the image of Macintosh/Designer, right?

I think these PCs are really good for ID, because they are designed to run heavy duty programs like Solidworks, Catia, 3d studio, Inventor, Photoshop, etc, etc.
and if you are from USA you can pay it in instalments.

check this out…

they are not cheap but you save money anyway if you think about…

rememmber the 18 months theory!