computers for CAD work and other digital needs

Obviously it depends on the school, but in general, would you say that computers are provided by the school for doing computer stuff?

The only reason I ask is because I’m buying a new computer, and unless I will need to be using my own personal desktop a lot, I’m going cheap to save money for a college laptop.

schools usually have their CAD labs…check your fee document. you must be paying $$ for IT/infrastructure/labs etc…

in any case, i feel buying a laptop or something WILL help you as labs usually have their own timings.

Are computers provided by the school? Usually yes.

Will they be slow, out of date, unstable, and not running all the software you need? Probably.

You can spend $700 and get a PC laptop that will be just fine for running CAD, Photoshop, and any other apps you need. Just need a decent CPU and a dedicated Nvidia GPU.