computer work

I’m doing freelance work and have recently switched computer platforms. does anybody have any recommendations for mac based 3D software??

I’ve tried many different programs, but I think the one that stands out for me when you compare cost, learning ease, and capability is Concepts Unlimited: You can download trial software from their site. They are on Version 3, but their 4th release this summer or fall should be a pretty solid package.

That said, I’m still holding out to see what comes of the “Run XP on the Apple” competitions. Some have it running, but from I’ve seen, not 100% dependable enough to run full-time. I may go to PC full time if no adequate solution is met, simply because I can’t do much without CAD. The reality is, it’s an uphill battle to use Mac CAD. If you’re willing to fight the fight, more power to you!!!

Ashlar Vellum