Computer Parts

First and foremost, I’m Battle_Kat, just found this incredible portal about a week ago. I’m a student in Canada.

I have a little side project that I’m working on, no business just personal., but hoping it will turn into something I can showcase. I have a concept for a dockable Tablet PC. Basically, its 2 PCs in 1, the tablet and base.

I’m attempting to build the tablet, but i have no clue how to integrate the screen, can any1 point me in the direction of the methodology and technology

I’m also trying to find hardware components slim enough to fit in between 2 in. (Including mounts and casing)

Does any1 here know of somwhere where I can source such components ?

Thanks in advance


sounds like your building prototype. google “case mods”. probably find practical guidance and WIPs. add “micro atx” to the search. people shoving pc’s into toaster housings. might have components listed.