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broad topic. i’m looking to buy new mouse/keyboard. havent paid much attention lately. hand-me-downs were fine. but time for new ones. i prefer an ergo keyboard (arched. split keys. Other features - ed.). and 3-button mouse. not had a laser. interested. open to trackball. not had wireless. very interested.


Why not a laser?

I remember I was so jealous of my friend with a Sun microsystem before Logitech and Microsoft launched their optical mice.

Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard is still the best I’ve ever tried, although it is pricey.

sorry. meant “optical”. was thinking Razor brand. somehow laser come out.

have MS keyboard. really like it. i’ve been impressed w their efforts.

anyone gone wireless?

Optical is a neccessity for me now, no cleaning, etc, especially helpful in dusty environments. Haven’t gone cordless yet but I know people who swear by that logitech (I think that’s the one, blue w/ silver hi’s, sit’s upright in charger) that won all the awards.

this one?

It looks like a newer version of the one I’ve heard all the good stuff about. Older one didn’t have any buttons near the wheel. Just checked out the specs and this actually seems better but for around the same price. Lots of them have issues with highly polished smooth surfaces like glass, white styrene, etc, but this doesn’t seem to. It’ll be next on my upgrade list after my wacom if I even need a mouse anymore.

Been using RF wireless keyboards and mice for over 6 years now and love them. I have no intentions of ever going back. If I had the money, I’d pick up Logitech’s diNovo Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.,CRID=2158,CONTENTID=7321

For keyboards I don’t have much of a preference, I use a mac wireless keyboard. Not much into the ergo keyboards.

However as far as mice/pointer devices go, I am completely sold on wacom tablets. Once you get the pen (in realation to your screen mode) down, it greatly speeds up your ability to work. Particularly at high resolutions and with larger screens.
For example, I have a 23" cinema display, so dragging from one corner of the other seems to take for ever, where with a wacom tablet and the pen, all I have to do is tap EXACTLY where I want. No dragging, my brain seems to have adapted to this medium and recognizes where to click without the dragging. In competitions, I am near twice as fast as my fellow mousers. And being a designer, where shortcut keys and getting to the options I need immediately make work bearable, it’s a life saver.
I have heard though that not everyone is capable of adapting to tablet use. So it’s sort of a “try it and see” deal.

totaly agree with jeni

the wireless mac key board is great-i also have the mac wireless mouse wrks great also and for other options on the mouse for right click just press control n click–but you probably need a different mouse if you are planning on using it for 3d sofware

also the tablet is great-the pen is really nice, I am still adjusting to it just not always enough space for that big thing, but is a great tool and also comes with a mouse, kinda cool mouse too has like fabric on the bottom—

I just use regular keyboard and mouse. I used to have the first gen microsoft natural keyboard and liked it, but by the time the “ener” key broke, they made the “backspace” buttons a lot smaller than I am used to, so I never got a new one.

I’m using an IBM branded white regular keyboard. To me, the feel to the keys is the most important. I have hard ones, and some are too light. The IBM one works pretty well. Next time I will get a black one, cus mine looks nasty now.

As for mouse, I just use microsoft 3 button with track ball. I didn’t want to spend too much money. It’s nice, not too light too. I like the scroller as it’s not too hard to move. The only downside is I have to clean the rollers and the ball from time to time, and it lasts forever.

I’ve had a Fujitsu 872x-series keyboard on all 3 PCs I’ve had at home and at work and spec it on purpose. It has a nice initial “hump” in its spring rate that makes it easy to touch-type. (Yes, I learned on an IBM Selectric which is why I don’t need an ergo keyboard). It’s also cheap enough that I won’t be too angry with myself when I spill stuff on it, which I’ve done.

I don’t like any of the new mice. Most of the new mice from all mfg have such a wedge under the heel of your palm that I can feel the RSI coming on just from trying them in the store. The Apple mouse is nice but having multiple buttons is just so handy. They would make a killing if they made a special USB mouse with 2 buttons and a wheel for the PC market. That said, I miss the original Microsoft J-mouse. That big lump is so comfy with a wrist pad. They should have continued making it with the optical sensor and shaped it into a JL so it would be easy to switch hands.


“Yes, I learned on an IBM Selectric which is why I don’t need an ergo keyboard”


Its a typewriter.

I’ve been using the fist generation logitech wireless that won all those awards for a while now. It’s brilliant. Worth every penny.

I especially like that, because it has batteries built into it, it has a good bit of weight to it. It feels solid and substantial, like a real precision instrument.

How’s that for an endorsement!

great endorsement guest now all u need is a picture-

hey – is there a link where i can see what products have won prizes >>


i know. logic of comment passed me by. like saying I learned to do something on poorly-designed machine so dont need well-designed solution. odd coming from a designer. i learned to drive on car w/out proper seatbelts…

@guest - Logitech wireless model #? thanks.

great endorsement guest now all u need is a picture-

Forgot to log in earlier, but here it is…

To clarify, I was the “guest” with the ringing endorsement…here’s a link and the model number:
Logitech® MX™700 Cordless Optical Mouse,crid=2134

to YKH, the one above is the one I was talking about. Hopefully the newer version you posted is just as good or better.

will definitely check it out. thanks for suggestion. one question: is it good replacement for regular 3-button? for CAD? have used wheel mice before. wheel felt odd when CADing. or is it better for administrative work?