Computer Gaming

I’m looking for more information on which companies are the biggest brand names for manufacturing personal CPU’s for highly competitive gaming, online or otherwise. I know of Alienware, but that is about it. Also, I’m interested in how people set up their computer gaming environment. If anyone knows any information on these items and would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

No clue. But if I were looking, I’d start by searching news for anything about the CPL (“Cyberathlete Professional League”) and then finding out about the top players, the endorsement deals they’re getting, and the tournament sponsors.

I checked out the CPL, very interesting that people are that serious about computer gaming. Now off this topic is there anything that people would like to have in their gaming environment, whether it be video gaming or computer gaming. What type of furniture, perifs., would you like to see or use. I still haven’t seen may pictures of people’s gaming area so if anyone has any they would like to share of their video gaming area or computer gaming area it would be greatly appreciated.

You could say thats my “Gaming area”

For PC gaming the biggest peripheral purchases are generally keyboards (all personal preference, I prefer the ergonomic natural keyboards) and mice. Most gaming mice have extremely high powered optical sensors which are capable of providing much smoother and accurate mouse movement in games like first person shooters.

As far as furniture any chair thats comfortable for 8 hours works. I happen to be lucky enough to have picked up a nice Steelcase office chair from my uncle when he retired from HP which works great.

Gamers are also into case modding. Anything with neon lights, UV reactant coatings, water cooling, etc turns us on.