Computer Bag - Christmas Present for Wife

I am looking for a sweet, sweet over the shoulder computer holder. My wife has been carrying around her gear in the same bag for close to 20 years. I think its time to get her updated :wink:

I am looking for a leather expandable brief something like the one below from Cole Haan…but one that I can afford :wink:

try the outlet.,viewAll=FALSE,howMany=20

I just got 2 bags.

and with the extra 30% off they came to 303 or something. I got these back in October or so and am LOVING the newspaper bag, but have not used the brown messenger. I have another black Cole Haan messenger I use. I probably should have passed on the brown guy, but could not help myself.

that is the one I have but in messenger style. I really like the nylon texturing with leather accents.


Here is a nice one from this side of the pacific
US women really seem to like it

excellent choice David, although the Newspaper bag looks like it might be a Men’s European Carry-all. Cue Seinfeld quote: “It’s not a purse!! It’s European!”

Thanks for the tip on the Cole Haan Outlet!

What’s the interior of the Messenger bag like? There is a suede one on the site that I know she would dig in a big way (and if she doesn’t, I will!).

Is it pretty versatile inside, or is it purely meant to hold a laptop?

FYI, my wife is a school teacher, so she needs to carry all her marking and stuff on top of her laptop.

I know, this thread is deceased.

For anyone spotting this at a later date, from my professional opinion as softgoods industrial designer, the stuff at Vaja is untouched for quality, design, craftsmanship/execution. Expensive, but worth it… if you fall into the right income bracket. And there is no BS logo or name recognition baggage with the package. Straight design.

Oh sure…show that to me NOW!

Love their stuff.


Valentine’s day!!!

careful, if she finds out you’re posting topics about what to get her on the internet you might have to change your name to ‘ip-wifelessly’…!

So the company I work for does some pretty high-end stuff and we are consistently regarded as the top tier company in our product category. But our prices are driven by material choices, complexity, and manufacturing processes. We don’t just throw on a high price tag to give the feeling that we’re above the rest. There’s a logical reason behind our pricing.

I guess I should understand the luxury market better than I do…but how in the hell is a sued-lined alligator skin purse worth this much? I know, there are custom gold accents, but please. 2 grand, sure. 4 grand is pushing it, IMO. But 12? Are they pricing it just so the rich can justify the purchase? Is it all just marketing, giving the impression that it’s worth a lot? I remember an instructor telling me that he didn’t start selling paintings until he added a zero at the end of all his prices.

Here’s the purse:

Are they pricing it just so the rich can justify the purchase?


Is it all just marketing, giving the impression that it’s worth a lot?


The real answer is, Branding and Marketing. It’s a luxury brand, people buy it to show off the brand name and their social/financial status and bracket.

It’s not ‘worth’ 12K in materials and design.