Composite ceramic?


I’m looking for a material that has the toughness of zirconia and the electromagnetic absorption/reflection property of ferrite magnets. I’m not sure if it is possible to create a composite of the two.

Hope someone can help.

tough materials usually dont have alot of free electrons. might search for a bucky ball with magnetic properties. or start with conductive properties. then wade through the specs. must be a version with Cu in it.


To clarify, do you want:

a) an electrically conductive ceramic, or
b) a material which will conduct magnetic flux, or
c) a tough material which can dissapate a static-electric charge (so it’s not really conductive like copper, but more like static-safe baggies)

or something else entirely? Maybe you could give us a hint at the application :slight_smile:

Since you’re looking for a static-dissipative material, you should look into ceramic metalic composits. These are made like traditional ceramics, except during sintering of the greenware piece, chemical reactions reduce out pure metals (usually Titanium, or rare earths) which can make the material less brittle and electrically conductive. There’s more info here:

Depending on your project though, these guys might be a little too expensive. Since they must be made from very precise mixes of components, they are usually only used in small, super-critical parts, like bearings, and tweezer coatings

And just to be complete, these guys have no magnetic interaction, so you can’t use them like you would a ferrite magnet to either re-direct magnetic flux or stick a magnet to them. (Though I suppose, if you did it right, it might be possible to make a nickle-ceramic composite which was magnetic. You’d have to talk to a real mat-sci guy for that)