Complete Post Apocalyptic Movies On Youtube

If you are interested in the Post Apocalyptic genre of films there are several of them that you can view in its entirety on Youtube. These films are mostly from the 50’s or 60’s except for Quiet Earth which was from the 80’s.

My ranking:

1.Quiet Earth – Has everyone on the planet disappeared? The plot’s racial element had similarity to what I read about of another PA movie called The World, The Flesh, and the Devil starring Harry Belafonte.

2.The Death of Grass - A story about how a British family survived after a worldwide famine which was caused by a plague that destroyed all variety of crops.

3.The Last Man on Earth – One man’s war against a population that has all turned into vampire like zombies. I Am Legend (2007) is a remake/readapt of this film. I haven’t seen LMOE yet and I am going to assume that it will be better than #4

4.The Day of the Triffids. Everyone is blind and the trees can walk and kill.

Added 2/18
I missed one “Threads” by BBC 1984. It is also available on Youtube. Plot: nothing to celebrate even if you survived a nuclear war. It should be ranked 2.5.