Does anyone else find it annoying that so many of the design competitions report the results late and don’t email results to participants. Why the delays? What takes so long? It seems to me that given the time that participants invest, the organizers could report the results more rapidly and predictably.

Simple really.

Most competitions have a panel of independent-minded judges who all have fluid schedules that can change at any minute. Getting all of them together is a challange in itself. From what I understand is that there is usually a ‘debate’ about who is ultimately chosen- heels get dug in- lines are drawn. Hence the delay.

The winners also are usually contacted and confirmed before any results are posted- this also can take time.

Do what I do- contact the organizers or sponsors of the competition. Even odds that they will respond. You would be surprised.

You’d be surprised, but managing the communications between clients and participants is quite challenging. Many times the sponsors want to control the release of information, timing it with other events they may be invovled with. This only makes things harder.

We’ve just launched a competition with Dassault Systemes:

Light Objects

There will be US$9,000 in prizes, and winners will be modeled and exhibited in Paris beginning in October.

We’ll work extra hard to make sure the winners are announced in a timely fashion!