Competition which may be of interest

Hi Core77 community,

Thought I’d pass on information about a competition that might be of value to some of you looking to share your 3D Printing related projects.,

It’s the 2016 3D printing contest, showcasing the best 3D printing projects on the internet. Running until June 27, contestants get the chance to win one out of 15 selected 3D printers. The competition follows on from the success of the year before in which 591 entries were submitted and some amazing projects won such as the 3D printer made from Lego, an autonomous knitting machine and a life changing retinal imaging device.
To enter the competition all you have to do is create a step by step, photo or video Instructable based on 3D printing.


P.S let me know if this counts as too promotional, just thought the community would be interested.

Thank you for the notification, I am planning to enter the competition.
Are entries valid as long as the project involves 3D printing or do they have to be or involve 3D printed parts as well?
Those examples are nice, I would like to see some more - could be a separate thread on the boards.

Hi George, Allison from Core77 here!

Would you mind specifying who this design competition is for / a link showing where people can enter their submissions?