competions anyone?

does anyone know of any good sites that offer non-graduate designers chances to “have a go” at real challenges?

sorry but from my earlier posting I have since had a look through core77 and it seems to be providing some comps.

still any additional assistance would be appreciated.

… Core77- On the front page, click ‘Calender + Events’… there is a competition section in there.

many thanks to everyones assistance, I have looked through the number of links you have posted and I have been genuienly suprised that there are so many available resources out there.

A brief histroy about myself -
I left schol and studied art & design, I would have taken it further but family commitments meant that I had to leave full-time education to start work.

I have since worked my way up to become a reasonably well respected electrical design/contract engineer and have worked for a number of consultants throughout London.

I am now in a postion where I can try to return to my “first-love”, which is product and industrial design - albeit on a part-time basis.

If I can offer my assistance to anyone with regards to electrical design (please not electronic) I will be more than happy to help.

With many thanks