comparison between German and Chinese salary expectations


i am interested in getting to know how much a person with 5 years design background (it`s me) could expect to earn in Shanghai or Bejing in a position of mid-level staff designer in a design company.

average salary in Germany is about 40,000 USD. hourly wages mid-level designer between 45 USD-65USD gross (deducting taxes).


I’m a Chinese Industrial designer 3 years experience in ShangHai
Are you in China now? I could tell you that the salary level is much lower than the world level.

And why you consider to come to China?
and I have heard that there is a word called “Big Travel” in European, Is this your big travel, does all the young will do their “big travel” ?

it’s the ability decides how much you can get in shanghai or beijing.
it’s a general condition in china…
wish you can get a good salary

How much can expect compared to 35000 euro? That is a salary for young architect in Dublin (2-3 years of experience).

In beijing . I have four years experience in design.I think the average salary of a designer is RMB 3,0000 one year.

is that something like 4400 $ or I am completely wrong?

Anybody knows sth about opportunities in Korea?

Think he meant 30.000RMB which is 3.000eu or 3.750usd.

In Shanghai you need 150usd for a flat, monthly. Eating is cheap.
3750/12 = 312.5usd a month. Sounds not like a good deal. But its suprisingly low.

But hey thats China. Anywhere written thats big wages out there with 1.500.000.000 people?

the salary depend on your ability,5 years work experience will get about 5-60,000 RMB/Year in BeiJing or ShangHai ,if your ability is good ,maybe about 80,000 RMB/Year ,even more ,some of my friends also get 100,000-150,000/year.But the cost will also low,In BeiJing ,eat a lunch about cost 10-20RMB.But the room cost is high ,about 1000-2000RMB/month for a just so so room.

But I just live at BeiJing a about 6 months ,now I’m in ShenZhen.

well, you’ll be earning low in china but im sure you are going to save more money there than in germany…because as we all know, that it is low cost of living once you live in asia…

You should get more money than what I have been reading here. I make around 100,000 ( 10,000Euro ) rmb a year as junior designer coming from Europe. It all depends on your negotiating skills. Chinese designers make much less.
Living costs are very low but recently housing has become more expensive ( in Shanghai ). As a designer coming from europe with 5 years experience you should ask for at least 20 - 25,000 RMB if you decide to work for a chinese company.

My experience so far:

  • very fast working pace ( to fast in my opinion )
  • styling is more important than innovation or product development
  • you must learn chinese
  • you must learn from them, how they think and why they think different than others. This is very complicated to explain but once you start working with chinese a lot of things don’t make sense,i’m not trying to put them down but we are just different.Observe and learn!!!

So far everything has been good for me but prepare yourself to live in a very polluted and dirty city if you are going to Shanghai or Beijing. It’s a good experience to go to these cities but as time passes you will move somewhere else where living quality is better. If you want a challenge go to these cities.

If you’re not up for this try Taiwan, I personally think they have the best designers and everyone speaks english.

I hope this helps

I think this “RMB 3,0000 one year” is for the very beginner.

Right. In shanghai, if in cell phone industry field, you can earn at least (really at least if you are not too bad) 120,000 RMB per year.

You can also try Hong Kong. HK can offer better then China. However, living cost in HK is very high…

A 5yr German designer in salary range can be HKD $17000 - HKD $26000/mth.
depends on your ability & neg. skill…

I got the offer which less than RMB15,0000 as salary package with 3 years mechanical design experience in guangzhou.

I think the reasonable salary should be 250-350K per year as a regular and
at least 150RMB as an contractor if you want to inhaitant in BJ or SH.

you guys must be kidding…

i know quite a lot of people in the design areas… the salary is way more than 30000 rmb /year.