Comparation among several design schools.

Hi guys, I’m a new comer here. I am seeking for the Master’s Degree in the USA for Fall 2007 and have received several admissions. They are NCSU, OSU, ASU, Gatech, RISD and CMU.
Now, I am hesitating in making the final decision. I hope you could give me some suggestion. Thank you very much.

I find it odd that someone so commited to ID would be new to Core77…?

anyhoo - just pick a part of the country you’d like to live in, you’ve obviously got the goods.

2 questions in order to help:


  1. What are your interests?
  2. What are you looking to do with a Masters?

en~~~for the reason that I have never been to U.S., I collected all the informations about the schools and cities from the Internet and comments of my friends. I would like to hear some of your suggestions on these schools about their characteristics. You know the natives’ impression about these schools are more trustworthy~ Thanks for your comments.

Thank you for your questions jimr. Frankly speaking, I don’t have a clear idea of what I would like to be in the future, a pure designer or a strategy manager? I wanna taste every role in the design process. I regard the experience of the master’s program as a chance for me to get in touch with the diverse culture and the advanced design methods. Maybe I need a comprehensive design education. what’s your opinion?

the only way someone without an ID undergrad and no clear research direction could get into all these grad programs is the ability to pay cash - international tuition rates at that!

I’d suggest going to RISD where your more likely to feel at home than at a state school.

On another thread there’s a debate about the problem of /direction of design education. This poster highlights the real crux of the problem - D.schools are strapped for money. the profession is not large enough or well paying enough to self fund. In a financially constricting environment, how does a college compete for funds? Some are clearly emulating their business school competition by focusing on stratigic rather than vocational training.

Hi lalalahu-

Sorry. more questions-

What are you doing now? Finishing up undergrad or are you in the field?
Not having a clear idea of why you would like to go to graduate school for design can be a recipe for disaster. Remember that it’s not like the sciences, or engineering. A design master’s doesn’t add any extra cash to your paycheck, and you don’t need it to practice (except to teach). Master’s degrees in design are about other things- the word ‘tasting’ doesn’t really match the experience.

Also, no_spec is right- you’ll be paying full-price for the state schools (unless you get a scholarship). And full price in the US could easily be 50-75-100K US.

Also, why the US?