COMPANY :: Shoe Design

Those are great dressing shoes.

Nike came to our school yesterday, looking for future designers.
I am sure they are going to other places also.
I hope there is a chance for me in the future after I finish the school
since the real reason I came to Pratt was to meet with Professor Eggert, and experience the education Ann-Marie Paz had.
I happend to read her writings while I was working at my cubicle before I decide to go to grad school, and I thought this is the place I want to go.

nike was at parsons on tuesday.

“and i thought this is the place I want to go…” and now are you happy with your choice. and have you donw what you gone out to do while you have been there??

I really had no expectations going into college-didnt want to go to the one that I was going too was told to “stick it out” and over the years has gotten better…

funny hearing someone reffering to an old co worker as " Professor Eggert" or even for that matter treating him as an icon,…

…not saying that there is anything wrong with it at all. Its just strange to hear it put that way.

“Great Expectation” vs. “Just Do It”

It’s very true that things do not turn out as we expected.
Perhaps that’s the fun part of our lives.