Company portfolio

Hi there,

I am trying to start up my own company. And I would like some feedback on my website.

  • My main activity would be Product Design, but it would be my goal to also combine it with design of packagings and websites for these products.
  • My site is in Dutch because, so don’t mind most of the text.
  • I actually choose to go with a very basic design for my website, because I would like the focus of my website to be on my projects. And I also like to aim for more serious clients that are more focussed on creating products for mass production.
  • I also like to know if the website loads fast enough?

Hopefully you guys can give me some usefull feedback.

Ontwerpbureau Blusign

Well, truthfully. If you decide to exclude any non-dutch speaking clients through going with a dutch exclusive website, then I feel excluded as well and don’t feel like looking at it.
I am pretty certain this goes for a lot of people here.

In an international design world, not going with English or at least having an English option, is a very short sighted idea. Especially in the Netherlands, where people are generally quite proficient in English.

Thanks, I was already thinking about adding a english version to my website. But because i couldn’t find a working plugin to manage the translations.

I am working on the translations now. Hopefully I will have them completed soon.

Hey Svenas,

I only had a quick look but these are the things that stood out to me:

  • the font you’re using looks a bit pixelated and hard to read on my screen. You might want to consider a different font and slightly larger font size.
  • all the elements are spaced very close together. Consider giving everything a bit more breathing space.

On the whole, I’m afraid I can’t say that your site ‘excites’ me. I realize that’s a very diffuse term. But a large part of design is presentation and I think you can do better than this. For example, do you know of any design studios with a site you really like? How do their sites compare to yours?