Company interested in my idea at degree show... advice?

Hi all,

I’m a recent graduate of BA(Hons) Product Design in the UK. At the private view evening of my degree show, a reputable company showed interest in my final project, I ran them through the concept and gladly answered their questions, afterwhich we exchanged cards and I was told that they would “drop me an email” at some point so that I could go to their office and discuss the concept.

My question is how long should I leave before thinking they’ve forgotten about me and giving them a follow-up call/email?

Sorry if this has been asked x amount of times before!


How long has it been already? A day, or 2 weeks?

Don’t seem to anxious. Its just like dating.

If they contact you, they’re interested in you, simple as that. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be wasting their valuable time by contacting you.

So when they do “drop an email” (I feel like they said this to make it less formal, make it sound less important) - say something like you are currently interviewing for a design position and would be happy to talk with them.

Well discussing a concept doesn’t sound like they’re offering you a job. It sounds like they want you to explain your idea to their people. This means you are taking time to tell them about all your hard work and giving them insights and ideas. What they do with it is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be too anxious about this. I’d file a provisional patent or something to protect the idea first.