Companies/intern/salery Q.

Have anyone worked or still working at well known footwear companies
such as Nike, Adidas or Puma…etc.

How hard to find an internship at such companies?
I’m sure it matters with your portfolio, but what should be contained?
Just footwear designs or mixtures of other ID works?

How much is the starting salery as a footwear designer?

Minor co vs. Major ones?

The internship program at Nike is highly competitive… no surprise. Send only your very best work, from what I hear a variety of projects are appreciated. Show creative thinking, great form, and great sketching and you will get noticed.

On pay I don’t know. I think the interns get a pretty good set up. Fulltime pay is competitive (not astronomical) but the Portland cost of living is dirt cheap.

I’ve heard average is about 38 to 40K/plus bennies…My starting salary was 45K plus bennies plus cost of moving at a “Minor” skate shoe company, but I had previous experience,…

are u from thailand?

No, I’m from NYC and I’m an American.
I really want to get into the shoe design field, but
there are no opportunities yet.
I want to start with Internship.