Companies in Milwaukee

Hi I’m going to be in Milwaukee for a few months this febuary and was thinking about seeing about doing some free intern work in industrial/product design. I’m wondering if anyone has any good suggestions of companies to aproach (I’ve already checked Core 77’s design directory).
If anyone has any general suggestions of things not to miss (cafes, bars, museums,etc) I’d love to hear them.


Check out Brooks Stevens Design in Grafton, which is a little North of Mil. But they do great work are nice to students. Call and set up a portfolio review and see where it takes you.

y milwaukee? what is bringing you there?
it is cold, but the beer flows rapidly…

Surprisingly there are alot of design firms in Madison as well you might wanna check those out to.

Thanks guys! Good question of why milwaukee, its not the obvious choice. I got the best reason though.
5’8, brunette, with the most beautiful smile in the world.

Milwaukee Powertools :slight_smile:

milwaukee has a lot , but it is mostly corporate. GE medical, masterlock, harley, buel,milsco, shurline, lots of p.o.p marketing, milwaukee tool, some small firms, brooks.

go to madison and find some good consultancies(design concepts, bit 7, fiskars, spectrum brands), racine is very close (sc johnson, requist to name a couple) kohler is up north of milwaukee (about an hour)

as for what to check out and do…in feb…its cold, so not much (sorry) drink some beer eat some cheese. most the people will be inside at bars and what not. the city will be nearly a ghost town outside.
go see the art museum( the calatrava) get coffee at altera, check out the bars on milwaukee street ( eve is different from what youll see anywhere else done by fluxdesign in milwaukee( milwaukee institute of art and design has the only id program in the area, check it out of your into that sort of thing.

Thanks everyone!
Milwaukeer I’ll be sure to check out your recomendations. Not sure about the cheese though!

Kohler is constantly looking for people to take advantage of…

tell 'em you’ll work for free, and I guarantee you’ll have a seat.

another note on flux design, be sure to check out vucchiria on Brady street as well as Terrace on Water st. both of those along with Eve are considered by some to be among the top 100 bars in the world. If you want more stuff, check out:

Thanks Josh. I’ll be sure to check them out. looks like I’ll be spending most of my time in bars at this rate!

i think i meet her last friday night!

if you have 6,000hrs pro/e i have a job for you in central milwalkee…

Oh shame. I only have 5,946 hours worth. oh well cant win them all.