Commuter bike design competition

It was already mentioned on the Core 77 blog, but I want to post a reminder about the commuter bike design competition that I am currently running on my blog. The deadline to enter is just under 3 weeks away (Dec. 5th) and you could win a bike from Cannondale if your design is chosen as the winner.

The idea is basically to design a bike that appeals to those people who are not already into cycling, so I am hoping that some designers who aren’t really into bikes will submit entries. You can read more about the competition here if you are interested. I hope that I will see quite a few entries from the designers who participate here on the Core forums. It should be fun, so take a look and enter if you have an idea.

The deadline for entries is coming up this Friday, December 5th and I haven’t received nearly as many submissions as I expected. That means your chances to win the Cannondale bike are pretty good, so get those entries in by Friday if you have a good idea.

Read more here if you are interested:


The six finalists (out of 65 entries) are now posted. Take a look here if you are interested:

Thanks to all of you on the Core forum who entered. It was fun seeing all the ideas.